Our Pastor

I am Pastor Dan Johnson.  I have been pastor here at Eastside Covenant Church for nine years; I love serving the people here!

I am a Minnesota boy!  My grandparents were Swedish dairy farmers and I spent a good deal of time on a farm helping Uncle Ralph and Uncle Socky.  I was raised in the Lutheran church and was involved with: 

  • Choir
  • Altar boy
  • Studies at St. Olaf College

I did not make a focused commitment to Christ until I sat in a car with a friend who explained to me that eternal life in God’s heaven is a gift.  I learned that one didn’t earn it or merit it by being good or noble or spiritual.  Rather, one simply acknowledged they were a sinner and received Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross as a payment for that sin.  I was eager to have my sins forgiven.  I received Christ into my life through faith.  Thus began my spiritual journey.

Since then, my life has been an adventure.  I have been influenced by Millard Fuller of Habitat for Humanity, and Elton Trueblood, the wise scholar of scholars of Earlham College.  I have been loved and encouraged by Christian parents, and mentored by several wise and Godly men and women. I want to give back – so I dedicated myself to Christian ministry.  

You are on a spiritual journey too!  As much as I have been encouraged and guided in my journey, so I and Eastside Covenant Church want to do that for you.

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